RFQWP is a plugin created to build wordpress forms in the easiest, new kind of way.

The plugin uses wordpress ajax requests to communicate with the server side and databases.

In the public app, the server sends only the necessary information to the application.

On the server side, both applications and their php codes are placed in separate folders.

The server doesn’t send details about the errors to the applications.

The public app uses public wordpress ajax requests and the admin app uses admin ajax requests for communication.

This is simple: the plugin always uses an escape string function on the request data what comes from the public app. In addition, the plugin checks the email for a pattern before inserting it into the database. It only uses prepare statement function to prepare  sql statement.

The answer is simple: because with javascript framework I could create a better and more structured code than with vanilla js. On the other hand this way, it is easier maintaining and adding new functionalities to the plugin.